Otto Schwiezer

Nazi, Germany 1940 , Age 24


Otto was born in 1917 in Munich, Germany. He worked on the family dairy farm with his
family. In 1935 he went to Berlin to attend the university but was enthralled by fascism. He ultimately left the party to join the gestapo, which is the Nazi secret police. He helped find Jewish sympathizers, people who would hide Jews from the Nazi’s, even executed some himself. He was very good at his job, and he believed in the work he was doing, loyal to the cause. But one day that all changed and shook him to his core.

On the eve of his promotion, his superiors sent him on a mission to route out some Jewish
sympathizers. He was shocked to find that the location was his family farm, in Munich. He left without question. On the way he thought of it a mistake, the party was playing a joke on him and when he got there. He was to report 10 miles away, and met with enforcers and a prison truck. Once he rendezvous with them they then proceeded to the farm. When he arrived he saw that there was not party, this was no trick. He took a few minutes to get out of his vehicle, a little shaken, he insisted on confronting his parents himself.

He met his parents, went inside and started talking. The farm was fine and in high demand
because of the war. He then asked his parents if they were Jewish sympathizers, their face was stunned and then they beckoned him into the callar where two familes was hidden. They urged him to lie and say no one was there. He refused until they told him the truth, his grandfather was jewish. He denied it and was infuriated, but they still beggged of him to lie to his superiors. He told them he would keep them safe. When he got out of the house he told them there was jewish people in there and his parents was indeed sympathizers.

Under orders from his boss, who was at the farm too, he shot his parents. Stunned, he quickly
got into his car and drove off. As he drove, the air changed to fog, which is very strange in the region. As he drove the fog became more intense but he could see, wanting a drink to drown out his troubles. As he past the road sign for the nearest town, he thought to himself “Strange, I don’t remember a town called Silent Hill here, might be new”

Otto Schwiezer

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