Richard Johnson

Porn Producer and Strip Club Owner, some drug dealing on side


As a young child, he was sexually and physically abused by his uncle and aunt and his cousin, their daughter, probably because he was such a good looking child. His drunken father would often drop Dick at their house, so he could go out and drink at the bars. He doesn’t know his mother, apparently she them one night, some even say his father killed her. His relatives where a sick incest-ual bunch, although wholesome looking at first glance. They were in to bondage and humiliations, using poor Dick as their play monkey. The worst one was his cousin, who just beat on him, and often choke him until he would pass out, waking up with things in his backside.

Now, Dick things his cousin had it worst then him, being stuck with two twisted parents since birth and was probably using him to release her frustrations. Dick torments ended one night when his cousin killed both her parents and then herself, and the whole twisted thing was revealed. Police found videos of various deviant things his aunt and uncle did to his cousin and himself, and he heard how some of his cousin’s torture lasted for several days straight, several cassettes were of just one long session, unlike his, which lasted until his dad picked him up, usually 6 hours a day. His father, guilt ridden, soon killed himself leaving a note saying he was sorry. At the time, Dick was 12.

Richard Johnson

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